We know we have been through unprecedented times. And because of the hard work and dedication of a workforce that never stopped working - that continued to do everything that they needed to do to provide essential city services, to keep people safe - that we are on a trajectory to move our city forward. We are on a trajectory to make unprecedented investments, to build on the billion dollars of new economic development, the one hundred million of infrastructure investment, the unprecedented investments we have made in every neighborhood in our city so we can ensure every neighborhood works.

As we have campaigned throughout the city, we’ve talked to our residents. We understand the challenges people have faced, and the concerns they have for our community - but we also see in them amazing hope and pride: pride in our city, pride in what we accomplished, pride in how we responded, and pride in how we are going to build back better.

We took nothing for granted because we don’t take the residents of Albany for granted. We don’t take for granted we come to work every day with a mission - with a mission to ensure we are doing all that we can for our communities, that we are doing all that we can to keep people safe, that we are doing all that we can to build the hopes, and dreams, and future that our residents want for their city. And that is why we were victorious. That is what Albany County Democrats do - we fight for working families and we fight for our communities, and we are going to continue to do that for the next four years.



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