Kathy Sheehan during her time as vice president, general consel, and corporate secretary of a publicly-traded medical device manufacturer.
Kathy with her husband, Bob.
Then-City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan announcing her candidacy for Mayor of Albany in 2012.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan is in her second term as Albany, New York’s 75th mayor. Mayor Sheehan has dedicated her administration to creating a City of opportunity, leading with a commitment to equity and responsive government that includes diverse community voices.


Under Mayor Sheehan’s leadership, the City has invested more than $100 million on park and infrastructure improvements across the city, with a focus in neighborhoods impacted by redlining and other discriminatory practices. Her innovative streetlight purchase and conversion program has reduced Albany's carbon emissions, improved pedestrian safety, and saved millions in taxpayer dollars. She worked with the Common Council to enact groundbreaking equity legislation and policing reform initiatives, and has led a multi-year effort to eliminate blight and substandard housing in the City.

Since Mayor Sheehan took office, Albany has seen nearly $1 billion in completed housing investments citywide, with nearly $700 million under construction or approved, and another $250 million in the pipeline – all indicators of continued historic investment in New York’s Capital City.

Kathy served a four-year term as Albany’s Treasurer prior to being elected mayor. Before serving in elected office, she was the vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary of a publicly-traded medical device manufacturer.

Kathy is a graduate of Albany Law School and Bowling Green State University. She lives in Albany’s Arbor Hill neighborhood with her husband, Bob, and their pit bull terrier, Odell.