City Finances

Turned an inherited deficit in 2014 into a $6 Million surplus in 2016

Held the line on property taxes

Reduced city spending by 2% which represents the largest reduction in 15+ years

Fought for and received $12.5 Million in new payments from New York State as part of her effort to secure Albany’s fair share of funding

Voluntarily opened Albany’s books to New York State, resulting in new grants and State aid

Improved Albany’s Financial Management System resulting in a recently upgraded credit outlook and praise from credit rating agencies, independent consultants, and state leaders



Made unprecedented investment of $6.5 Million in water infrastructure to mitigate flooding on Quail, Elberon, Ryckman, and Washington Park with an additional $3 Million in annual future investment

Invested heavily in pedestrian infrastructure to achieve the goal of a more walk and bike friendly city including an $8.5 Million city investment in intersection signal improvements, and securing federal grants for the Madison Avenue Street Calming project 

Improved our parks through equitable distribution of resources including the Arbor Hill Softball Fields, the Lincoln Park Stairs & Handicap accessible ramp, the Washington Park Skate Park, and the Redevelopment of the waterfront 


Public Safety

While one crime is too many, crime rates are down over the most recent five year average indicating that the policies being put into place are working

Expanded community policing to engage the public in a meaningful way to build trust between the Police and the Public and improve outcomes.

Albany Police department named one of the Top 15 in the country by President Obama’s Department of Justice for our implementation of 21st century policing strategies

One of the first three cities in the country to implement Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (L.E.A.D.) connecting low level offenders and those suffering from addiction or mental illness to services rather than prison

Worked with Federal Officials to get “Safer Grants” to hire more firefighters 



ZERO: The number of workers laid off due to budget cuts

9: The number of union contracts signed during Kathy Sheehan’s first term

3: The number of new collective bargaining units Kathy Sheehan has recognized in her first term


Code Enforcement & Vacant Buildings

Invested $750,000 in the Albany County Land Bank as a tool to expedite the process of acquiring and selling vacant and abandoned properties 

Re-Zoned the entire city for the first time in over 50 years, allowing for easier reinvestment in abandoned properties and encouraging new investment

Secured funding for a neighborhood stabilization coordinator whose sole responsibility is to identify vacant and abandoned buildings and make a plan for them

Established a grant program to encourage reinvestment in abandoned properties and seeded the program with $1 Million

Modernized codes software to better serve and protect residents, leading to an increase in Residency Occupancy Permits


Environmental Issues

Albany is one of 5 Energy Smart Cities in New York

Received NYPA Grant to hire an Energy Manager to help the City obtain grants and invest in green energy

In the process of negotiating to buy back street lights to make them energy efficient and allow for significant savings 

Worked with State & Local officials to get DEC to put an air monitoring station in the south end as the first step towards environmental justice

Helped bring bike share to Albany

Changed over all lights in City Hall to energy efficient LED bulbs

Won a grant from NYPA to implement $1.4 Million in energy saving projects

Installed first of its kind solar panels in Swinburne Park

First municipality in New York State to sign on to the Mayor’s Climate Letter Carbon Agreement


Equity Agenda

Hired 44% people of Color for permanent city jobs, across departments, including in supervisory positions

Ensured fair funding for all neighborhoods so that historically underserved areas get their share of limited resources, bringing necessary improvements to Lincoln Park, the Arbor Hill softball fields, North Swan Street Park, and many others.