Equity Agenda

Through a more equitable distribution of our scarce resources we have produced tangible results for every neighborhood in this city – including the historically underserved and neglected. These projects include the long overdue staircase and handicapped-accessible ramp in Lincoln Park, the revitalization of Arbor Hill Park, the Madison Ave Street calming, and the new skateboard park in Washington Park.

Public Safety

We’ve made important reforms to the way policing is done. Under my direction, the Albany Police Department was the third city in the United States to implement Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), which allows police officers to exercise discretion when dealing with low level offenders and divert them to services they need such as mental health and away from the criminal justice system. Our commitment to community policing and 21st century policing strategies has brought crime in the City of Albany to historic lows. Shootings are down 24% over the most recent 5 year average. In 2016, our efforts caught the attention of President Obama and the Department of Justice – who named the APD one of fifteen role model police agencies in the country.


21st Century City Hall

I've worked to bring city government into the 21st Century and provide Albany residents the quality services they deserve at the best possible price. We replaced an outdated IT system that hadn’t been updated since 1998 and implemented new time-keeping and budgeting software to identify new efficiencies and savings. And I convinced the state to pay for these new systems so that Albany taxpayers would get an immediate return on these initiatives. This has allowed us to reduce expenses and hold the line on property taxes.  We also completed a citywide rezoning project. ReZone Albany will make it easier for investors to invest in our city and for homeowners to make improvements to their properties – all vital components to building vibrant, diverse and safe neighborhoods.

Fair Share For Albany

I launched the FairShare4Albany Campaign because for too long, Albany wasn’t receiving its fair share of state aid.  This year’s state budget includes $12.5 million in new municipal aid for the City of Albany. This is unprecedented, and it’s a recognition of the work my administration has done to put Albany on a path toward a sustainable fiscal future. It’s also the result of the strong relationships I’ve developed with state leaders. This new aid marks a tremendous step forward for our city, but we’re not done yet.